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XXXXXXXX>_ (8.5/10 - 162,868 IMDb votes)

A mining ship, investigating a suspected SOS, lands on a distant planet. The crew discovers some strange creatures and investigates. full story on IMDb

El laberinto del fauno

XXXXXXXX__ (8.4/10 - 135,431 IMDb votes)

In the fascist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXXX__ (8.3/10 - 126,244 IMDb votes)

When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief, a marine scientist and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it. full story on IMDb

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

XXXXXX>___ (6.8/10 - 150,188 IMDb votes)

Anakin Skywalker shares a forbidden romance with Padmé Amidala while his teacher, Obi-Wan Kenobi, makes an investigation of a separatist assassination attempt on Padmé which leads to the discovery of a secret Republican clone army. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX>__ (7.5/10 - 126,123 IMDb votes)

Revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people. full story on IMDb

Independence Day

XXXXXX>___ (6.5/10 - 139,130 IMDb votes)

The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy. Fighting superior technology, Man's best weapon is the will to survive. full story on IMDb

District 9

XXXXXXXX__ (8.4/10 - 100,102 IMDb votes)

An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly finds a kindred spirit in a government agent who is exposed to their biotechnology. full story on IMDb

Men in Black

XXXXXXX___ (7.0/10 - 111,522 IMDb votes)

Two men who keep an eye on aliens in New York City must try to save the world after the aliens threaten to blow it up. full story on IMDb

Edward Scissorhands

XXXXXXXX__ (8.0/10 - 91,656 IMDb votes)

An uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands, falls in love with a beautiful teenage girl. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX>__ (7.9/10 - 77,861 IMDb votes)

In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm. full story on IMDb

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