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The Omega Man

XXXXXX>___ (6.7/10 - 9,714 IMDb votes)

Robert Neville, a doctor, due to an experimental vaccine, is the only survivor of an apocalyptic war waged with biological weapons... full story on IMDb

28 Days Later...

XXXXXXX>__ (7.6/10 - 94,430 IMDb votes)

Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. full story on IMDb

The Last Man on Earth

XXXXXX>___ (6.9/10 - 4,954 IMDb votes)

Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the only survivor of a devastating world-wide plague due to a mysterious... full story on IMDb


XXXXXX____ (6.1/10 - 17,965 IMDb votes)

A television reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers. full story on IMDb

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

XXXXX>____ (5.8/10 - 47,086 IMDb votes)

After an outbreak in a top-secret facility, Umbrella ponders on covering up their mistakes by releasing the deadly Nemesis to eliminate surviving STARS members in Raccoon City. full story on IMDb

The Invasion

XXXXXX____ (6.0/10 - 25,871 IMDb votes)

As a Washington psychiatrist unearths the origin of an alien epidemic, she also discovers her son might be the only way it can be stopped. full story on IMDb

The Omen

XXXXX_____ (5.4/10 - 22,592 IMDb votes)

A remake of the 1976 horror classic The Omen (1976), an American official realizes that his young son may literally be the devil incarnate. full story on IMDb

The Crazies

XXXXXX____ (6.2/10 - 2,889 IMDb votes)

The military attempts to contain a manmade combat virus that causes death and permanent insanity in those infected, as it overtakes a small Pennsylvania town. full story on IMDb

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