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XXXXXXXX>_ (8.5/10 - 162,868 IMDb votes)

A mining ship, investigating a suspected SOS, lands on a distant planet. The crew discovers some strange creatures and investigates. full story on IMDb

The Birds

XXXXXXX>__ (7.9/10 - 48,417 IMDb votes)

A wealthy San Francisco playgirl pursues a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town that slowly takes a turn for the bizarre when birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people there in increasing numbers and with increasing viciousness. full story on IMDb

The Invasion

XXXXXX____ (6.0/10 - 25,871 IMDb votes)

As a Washington psychiatrist unearths the origin of an alien epidemic, she also discovers her son might be the only way it can be stopped. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX___ (7.3/10 - 18,747 IMDb votes)

A look at the life of Alfred Kinsey (Neeson), a pioneer in the area of human sexuality research, whose 1948 publication "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" was one of the first recorded works that saw science address sexual behavior. full story on IMDb

The Witches of Eastwick

XXXXXX____ (6.3/10 - 19,496 IMDb votes)

Three single women in a picturesque village have their wishes granted - at a cost - when a mysterious and flamboyant man arrives in their lives. full story on IMDb

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

XXXXXXX___ (7.3/10 - 12,180 IMDb votes)

In San Francisco, a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion. full story on IMDb

Flight of the Navigator

XXXXXX>___ (6.7/10 - 8,506 IMDb votes)

In 1978, a boy is moved 8 years into the future and has an adventure with the alien ship that is responsible for that. full story on IMDb

The Children's Hour

XXXXXXX>__ (7.6/10 - 3,938 IMDb votes)

A troublemaking student at a girl's school accuses two teachers of being lesbians. full story on IMDb

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