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The Dark Knight

XXXXXXXX>_ (8.9/10 - 407,902 IMDb votes)

Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent are forced to deal with the chaos unleashed by an anarchist mastermind known only as the Joker, as it drives each of them to their limits. full story on IMDb

The Tick

XXXXXXX>__ (7.9/10 - 1,069 IMDb votes)

The story of superhero The Tick, based on the popular comic book. full story on IMDb

Killer Movie

XXXX>_____ (4.7/10 - 803 IMDb votes)

A reality TV director copes with a spoiled celebutante and a show gone haywire when a masked killer starts bumping off the crew in this slasher-movie satire. full story on IMDb

Suddenly Susan

XXXXX>____ (5.5/10 - 677 IMDb votes)

Jack owns a magazine and is the former brother-in-law of Susan. After she runs out on her fiancé on their wedding day... full story on IMDb

Attention Shoppers

XXXX>_____ (4.8/10 - 170 IMDb votes)

An actor from a popular television sitcom agrees to appear at the Grand Opening of a Houston Super Kmart... full story on IMDb

Jack the Dog

XXXX>_____ (4.9/10 - 105 IMDb votes)

Jack is a womanizer, but settles down with Faith. When the marriage falls apart due to Jack's desire for women, he gets shared custody of his son. Living with his son, slowly things in the mind of Jack are changing. full story on IMDb

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