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The Shawshank Redemption

XXXXXXXXX_ (9.2/10 - 458,831 IMDb votes)

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. full story on IMDb

Planet of the Apes

XXXXXXXX__ (8.0/10 - 51,907 IMDb votes)

An astronaut crew crash lands on a planet in the distant future where intelligent talking apes are the dominant species, and humans are the oppressed and enslaved. full story on IMDb

The Majestic

XXXXXX>___ (6.7/10 - 23,076 IMDb votes)

Set in 1951, a blacklisted Hollywood writer gets into a car accident, loses his memory and settles down in a small town where he is mistaken for a long-lost son. full story on IMDb

Tora! Tora! Tora!

XXXXXXX>__ (7.5/10 - 9,673 IMDb votes)

A dramatization of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the series of American blunders that allowed it to happen. full story on IMDb

The Asphalt Jungle

XXXXXXX>__ (7.9/10 - 7,598 IMDb votes)

A major heist goes off as planned, until bad luck and double crosses cause everything to unravel. full story on IMDb

The Relic

XXXXX_____ (5.3/10 - 9,547 IMDb votes)

A researcher at Chicago's Natural History Museum returns from South America with some crates containing his findings... full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX>__ (7.5/10 - 5,461 IMDb votes)

The earliest atomic tests in New Mexico cause common ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX___ (7.2/10 - 4,303 IMDb votes)

A couple of young cowboys win the hearts of their sweethearts in the Oklahoma territory at the turn of the century... full story on IMDb


XXXXXX>___ (6.6/10 - 2,645 IMDb votes)

A high-class call girl accused of murder fights for the right to stand trial rather than be declared mentally incompetent. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX>__ (7.6/10 - 2,277 IMDb votes)

A squad of the 101st Airborne Division copes with being trapped in the besieged city of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. full story on IMDb

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