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Sleepy Hollow

XXXXXXX>__ (7.5/10 - 99,578 IMDb votes)

Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of 3 people with the culprit being the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman. full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX>__ (7.9/10 - 8,326 IMDb votes)

Johnny flees Manchester for London, to avoid a beating from the family of a girl he has raped. There he finds an old girlfriend... full story on IMDb

Life Is Sweet

XXXXXXX___ (7.3/10 - 2,261 IMDb votes)

Just north of London live Wendy, Andy, and their twenty-something twins, Natalie and Nicola. Wendy clerks in a shop... full story on IMDb


XXXXXXX___ (7.3/10 - 1,987 IMDb votes)

Four policemen go undercover and infiltrate a gang of football hooligans hoping to route out their leaders... full story on IMDb


XXXXXX>___ (6.9/10 - 1,711 IMDb votes)

Strings is a mythological story about the son of a king, Hal Tara, who sets out on a journey to revenge the death of his father. To his surprise he discovers the truth of his own people - and where he least expects it - he finds true love. full story on IMDb

The Rachel Papers

XXXXX>____ (5.9/10 - 956 IMDb votes)

Charles is in control of his life; he is about to finish 6th from college and start at Oxford. He is 19 and wants an 'older' woman before he turns 20... full story on IMDb

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